Sidmouth and Le Locle



CONSTITUTION Amended April 27th 2017


1. Name The name of the organisation shall be Sidmouth Twinning Circle.

2. Aims and Objectives
1. To foster educational links between the residents of Sidmouth and District and the residents of countries outside the United Kingdom.
2. To assist in providing finance for young people of Sidmouth and District to study other cultures and languages and to assist towards the cost of such travel to those countries.

3. Sidmouth Twinning Circle Committee
The affairs of the Charity in all matters not specifically referred to shall be managed by the General Committee.

4. Officers
The President of the Twinning Circle shall be the Chairman of the Sidmouth Town Council.
There shall be a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and such other Officers as the Circle may appoint.

5. AGM
Officers and a General Committee consisting of up to 5 members in addition to the Officers shall be elected at the AGM. 2 additional members shall be requested for nomination by Sidmouth Town Council

6. Quorum
5 Committee members shall constitute a quorum.

7. General Meeting
A General Meeting maybe called, giving a fortnight’s notice, after 5 members have submitted a request in writing to the Secretary.

8. Subscription
Subscriptions shall be fixed at the AGM and paid annually.

9. Alteration of Rules
No alteration of these rules shall be made except at an AGM or a General Meeting.